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Market Update 27th September 2016

Sapo Melon is a fantastic buy at Fred’s this week – similar to a Rockmelon but lighter in taste

The quality and value of Hass Avocados is good – did you know that by replacing 20g of butter with Avocado that you reduce the kilojoule and fat content by half?

Bananas are as expected remaining constant in price and quality – also a good “pick-me-up” selection for a quick afternoon snack

The value and quality of Passionfruit is excellent

We have some excellent tasting Rockmelons right now

Mangoes are appearing on the market and although the price is still quite high, for the avid Mango lover, it matters little

Locally grown Eggplants represent some great quality and value

Ultra nutritious and nutty flavoured Broad Beans are top value at Fred’s!

English Spinach represents good value and quality this week!

Our Australian season of Asparagus is now underway with the quality and value set to improve as the weeks progress

Prices of Sydney grown Cucumbers is starting to ease as the warmer weather allows for faster growth

Locally grown Snow Peas have started and the quality to date has been very good

The price of Round Tomatoes has improved

From our Continental Grocery section we have 6 Pack San Pellegrino at a good price along with Large Pre Packed Olives

Have you been into Fred’s yet and checked out our intensive selection of South American Groceries along with our quality range of Asian, Italian, Greek foods etc.?

Le Grande Deli customers are featuring three great products:

  • Continental Thin Frankfurts
  • Italian Sausages in assorted varieties
  • Ambrosia Cheese


We are fast approaching the Long Weekend – time to set the clocks forward on Sunday but more so, time for that enjoyable weekend family barbeque!

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