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Market Update 27th May 2020

African Pride Custard Apples from Mareeba and Alstonville are particularly plentiful this week. Enjoy their sweet soft, white pulp as a snack or dessert.

Shepard Avocado season is coming to an end as supplies of Australian Hass avocados increase in supply. Team Avocados with winter citrus, peppery flavoured baby rocket leaves and a drizzle of olive oil for a quick salad

Buy in bulk and save!

Bursting with juicy goodness are our 3 kilo net bags of juicy, sweet Riverland Navel Oranges. Navels are an excellent source of vitamin C and Fibre

Lemons are tangy, refreshing and versatile. Eureka and Lisbon lemons are firm, thick-skinned lemons with excellent juice content. Sooth sore throats with warmed lemon juice and a spoonful of honey or add lemon juice and rind to puddings and cheesecakes

Fresh California Dates taste like caramel and make for the most scrumptious Desserts and Puddings. For a real treat, dip Dates in melted chocolate and leave at room temperature to set. They are simply divine with coffee!

Succulent, sweet eating Packham Pears are a traditional winter favourite and currently a great buy at Fred’s!

For a crunchy snack, you can’t beat Pink Lady Apple or get tastier cooking than with Granny Smith Apples to create apple tarts, apple and pecan crumble, cakes and old-fashioned baked apples!

This week, juicy, sweet eating and easy to peel Imperial Mandarins are in abundance this week. Poach whole peeled Mandarins in honey syrup and serve over ice-cream

Supplies of a Salad Tomatoes are lower this week as the Bundaberg harvesting season is wrapping up however, the Bowen crops are due to start shortly which will ensure lower prices

Crimson Seedless Grapes are a real treat with their crunchy and sweet taste. Pop a few in the kid’s lunch box – they will love them!

Vibrant, crunchy carrots are now in season. Choose from traditional orange and Baby Dutch Carrots. The abundance of orange Carrots makes them a Thrifty B at Fred’s One Stop!

Warm up with a nourishing serve of delicious Mashed Potatoes. Desiree, Pontiac and Brushed Sebago are ideal for creamy mashed potatoes. Try our Easy Potato and Leek Soup

For added flavour add finely chopped fresh herbs or crushed garlic, butter and a pinch of salt

Cauliflower is an adaptable vegetable that tastes delicious when roasted, braised, fried, mashed and steamed or eaten raw in salads and slaws 

The natural goodness of Brussels Sprouts and Cabbages shine in winter! Wether sautéed, steamed or tossed in a wok these easy-to-prepare vegetables require minimal cooking time 

Leeks are renowned for their subtle, sweet onion-flavour hence ideal for combining with Potatoes, Eggs and Mushrooms. Add leeks to Soups, Frittata and Quiche fillings 

Jerusalem Artichokes have a nutty flavour and a texture similar to that a potato. They are Ideal for Soups and winter Salads. Artichokes also taste delightful when roasted. Select firm, smooth even-sized Artichokes that are free of soft spots 

Parsnips add that unique sweetness to Soups and Casseroles. They taste scrumptious when roasted. These cooler nights make it the perfect time to try some   

Freshly picked Broccolini is a great buy this week at Fred’s One Stop. Steam, boil, microwave or stir-fry Broccolini florets, remember that the stems are also edible. Broccolini is jam-packed with healthy goodness!

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