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Navel Oranges make a great choice this week customers; the price is low and they have a sweet and juicy flesh with very few seeds. Their flesh is also easy to peel, making them great for kid’s lunchboxes

Hass variety of Avocados is available; price is still somewhat high

Quality of the Mandarins is superb as is the value

Bananas are a little scarce right now and it is clearly affected in the price

Seedless Watermelon is good both in quality and value

Celery is the pick of the vegetables. A great price!
A vegetable that is related to Carrots, Parsnip and Parsley and one whereby every part of it can be used

For this time of the year Eggplant is much cheaper than usual

From the Deli we have Zammit Soccerball Ham – a good choice for sandwiches

Santangelo 6 pack Croissants, make the perfect accompaniment to that “pick me up” cup of coffee

And last but not least, illy 100% Arabica Coffee, Moko, Espresso and deco has been advertised at a price too good to refuse.

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