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Market Update 27th March 2019

Here at Fred’s One Stop we have a tempting selection of Grapes available. If you enjoy Grapes sweet and crunchy, we recommend Crimson Seedless and Thompson Seedless Grapes. For something a little different try roasting Grapes then serving them on toast with goat cheese, nuts and honey 

Pomegranate season has started and are increasingly being recognised as a rich source of antioxidants. A much sought-after fruit that is revered for its vibrant ruby coloured nectar and arils 

Creamy fleshed Mareeba grown Shepard Avocados are plentiful this week and are a top buy 

Late season Plums make for scrumptious eating and are delicious when used to make tasty Autumn Desserts such as compotes and crumbles 

Persimmons are an old-fashioned favourite however the new non-astringent variety of Sweet Persimmon is only eaten when the fruit is firm and crunchy 

Juicy, refreshing Limes are less acidic than lemons and very versatile. While Lemon supplies are increasing and prices easing, Limes still offer great value at this time of the year 

Take a fresh look at Potatoes. An extremely versatile vegetable that is both nourishing and hearty. Boiled, mashed or roasted, potatoes are easy to prepare. South Australian Desiree Potatoes are an all-purpose potato. Pop some into your shopping trolley 

Fresh Chestnuts taste sensational and while most nuts contain an average of 50% fat, Chestnuts contain only 2.7%. To roast chestnuts, firstly cut a cross in the outer shell, and then place chestnuts in a tray and cook at 200o oven for 15-20 minutes or until the shell splits 

Fresh sweetcorn is naturally sweet and succulent when cooked and eaten soon after picking. Locally grown Hawkesbury Corn is currently offering the best value 

Autumn Eggplants come in a range of different shades of purple. Versatile eggplants are delicious crumbled or grilled and added to a salad 

Prices have eased this week on Broccoli that is delicious when steamed or used in stir-fries 

If you are looking for a vegetable that offers flavour, value and convenience be sure to pick up a kilo of button, cup or flat mushrooms. Rich in B group vitamins and fibre, mushrooms are nutritious and delicious

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