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Market Update 27th March 2013

New Season Gala Apples are excellent this week as are the Fuji Apples that are also coming into season.


Avocados make for very nice eating and just a tip: when testing for ripeness, just a gentle squeeze soon tells you if they are ripe enough to eat.

Lemons, always an in demand fruit during the Easter period have eased in price. Available at the moment are the Australian variety.

The Beurre Bosc Brown Pears are up and going this week and as so many of Fred’s customers will be aware, this particular variety of pear is excellent when it comes to stewing and preserving.

Unfortunately Blueberries are finished for the season but the good news is that the Victorian Strawberries, although a little dearer this week, are of sound quality as are the Raspberries.

Figs are still very good but unfortunately, not as cheap as they have been.

Nectarines are almost finished and customers will find that the Yellow peaches make for far better eating at present than the White Peach variety.

We are almost ready for the New Season Mandarins to hit the store, with the fruit expected in early April. Good news also with some really nice Plums for sale.

End of crop Tomatoes, although not generally known to keep for very long, are still very tasty. Fred has a great special this week on bagged Roma Tomatoes.

Kumera is cheaper this week and the quality of the Corn is excellent!

Unfortunately, the combination of hot weather in Victoria and the heavy rainfall across the eastern seaboard, has affected some of the vegetable lines however, Beans, Snowpeas and Broccoli remain of quite sound quality.

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