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Market Update 27th June 2018

With sweet-eating Queensland Strawberry season having started, the quality of our Strawberries is going to get better and better!

Creamy Custard Apples are likewise in season hence making Custard Apple Muffins an absolute must as a family treat.

Time to dress up your Winter Salad with some creamy, nutty flavoured Avocados that are in the peak of their season right now

If you are looking for an easy and jam-packed Vitamin C snack then you simply cannot go past Mandarins. Combine Mandarin segments with shredded Fennel, Rocket, some sliced Green Onions and Pomegranate seeds. Drizzle with Olive Oil and Lemon dressing and you’re set for a fresh, tasty and easy salad!

Winter as you know, is the prime time for Citrus fruit and especially, Navel Oranges which taste delicious right now

A quick way to kickstart the day is with some Tangelos that are noted for their tangy flavour and fragrant aroma

With the cold weather not about to leave us any time soon, it is the ideal time to break out homemade vegetable soups the bases of which are so often Leeks and Cauliflower. Both vegetables are currently well-priced

Brussels Sprouts are well-priced and highly nutritious

If you are looking to spice things up a bit, then long Red Chillies are the way to go as they add that extra kick to your winter cooking without the “fire” of other chillies

An under-rated winter vegetable is Celeriac that tastes similar to Celery. To prepare, simply peel, cut into pieces and drop into a bowl of cold water before adding in some Lemon juice to prevent the flesh discolouring

And finally, Broccoli Bunches this week make for a Thrifty Buy!

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