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Mouthwatering Seedless Watermelon is the pick of the specials this week at Fred’s.

Both the yellow and white varieties of Nectarines and Peaches can make for some delicious eating with natural sweetness making them an irresistible choice for healthy snacks and desserts.

We have Peaches, Peaches, Peaches!

Did you know that the Golden Queen Peach is a very popular choice when it comes to poaching and preserving? Now is the time to buy for those intend on making jams and other preserves
But New Season is really the go at Fred’s this week with sweet, juicy William Pears now available. For something different, why not try Silvana Pears; they possess a “crisp bite” and are loaded with a good sugar/acid balance.

We have good supplies of extra tasty Blueberries from Southern NSW and Tasmania.

In vegetables this week at Fred’s Snake Beans are a fabulous buy: terrific for most Asian Dishes or alternatively, they are delicious when compliments with fresh herbs such as Garlic

Corn is a great price this week customers…and the kids love it!

Zucchinis are a good choice as are Eggplant…

With the humidity having been so high of late, it is recommended that leafy greens such as Spinach and coriander be purchased and used the same day as they are currently not storing well.

From the Deli this week customers, we have sliced Mediterranean Lamb at a good price.

We also have Asagio Soft and Hard Cheeses on special this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping.

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