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For our customers, we have large QLD Bananas at an unbeatable price – did you know that Australians chomp their way through about 5 million Bananas every single day?


Did you also know that Bananas are low in GI hence making them a great option when looking for long-lasting energy?

Well it appears customers, that Imperial Mandarins are now past their peak for the season however, in their place we have Afourer Mandarins – never heard of them?

Otherwise known as the W. Murcott or Nadocott and first introduced from Morocco in the 1990’s, this mandarin is fast becoming the mandarin of choice with its flavorsome taste, deep orange-red color and very easy to peel skin thus making them, the ideal selection for your child’s lunchbox.

A head’s-up for our customers, on where Mangoes are at – although not yet ready for deliciously scrumptious eating, we are in for a bumper season!

Moving on, Granny Smith Apples are at their very best this week, both in their price, and quality!

QLD Strawberries are best during the month of August so customers get on in and don’t miss out, as “Strawbs” are priced to sell fast at Fred’s One Stop this week!

Packham Pears are offering up great quality this week, as are Pineapples – the perfect fruit to take your taste-buds away on holidays with their delectably sweet, yet piquant taste!

From our vegetable range, we have good supplies of quality Cauliflowers, Broccoli, Potatoes, carrots and onions whilst in our Deli department, Anchor Natural and Greek-Style Yoghurt makes for a great choice this week at Fred’s.

Although not for some, the 1 kg pack of Portuguese Frozen Sardinha is available this week, at a fantastic price!

And customers – get this on your platter!

Danish Feta which is yet another one of the well-priced items to be discovered at Fred’s One Stop Shopping this week.

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