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This week we have Sweet Australian Mandarins in the box. Did you know that Imperial Mandarins are virtually seedless?

Freshly harvested Apples are the go this week customers!

Pomegranates this year are absolutely bursting with juice and flavor. They compliment Lamb and chicken dishes while the juice can be used for Salad Dressings and Marinades

We have some sweet and juicy Rockmelons in store right now

In veggies we have Chokoes at an exceptionally good price this week

Crunchy Fennel with it’s delicate flavor is in and can be eaten either raw or in soups

With the weather changing why not add Zucchinis to that evening casserole or frittata

Autumn time is Mushroom time, at least when it comes to adding it into your favorite dishes.

Though not everyone’s favorite, we have Brussels Sprouts – why not try some this week steamed or stir fried with bacon, hazelnuts and Olive Oil

Grab some Brown Onions this week for some yummy homemade French Onion Soup

From our grocery department we have Pietro Extra Virgin Olive Oil going out at a great price in the 500ml bottle and also, the Green Leaf Tomato Paste 800g.

Le Grande Deli has two great specials with Bertocchi Flat Sopressa in both the Hot and Mild varieties.

Goat Cheese Chevre is also a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

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