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Market Update 26th June 2019

Red Papaya is a fabulous buy this week!

Jam-packed with Vitamin C, this sensational tropical fruit makes a healthy start to your day

With its ruby-red stem that turns pink when cooked, Rhubarb is ideal for making wintertime hot fruit desserts. A tart-tasting fruit that is generally sweetened by adding pears and or apples to the mix when cooking

Fragrant and delectably sweet-eating Queensland Strawberry Season has commenced and from now until August, Strawberries are just going to get better and better!

Dress up those winter salads with some creamy, nutty flavoured Avocados that are currently in peak supply and well-priced.

Wintertime is peak time for citrus fruit, especially Navel Oranges and Cara Cara Navels

Kiwifruit are renowned for being a nutritional gem, a fantastic source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as a source of dietary Fibre.  The basic difference between the Green and the Gold Kiwifruit is that the Green variety is less sweet than the yellow-fleshed variety

Deliciously juicy and flavoursome Mandarins are still fabulous value!

Be sure to make the most of the quality Lemons that are available through mid-winter

Brussel Sprouts make a superb meal when thinly sliced and cooked with sliced bacon (plus a little oil) until just tender, then tossed through with noodles and soy sauce. The family will love it!

Fennel is really good value right now. Try pan-frying slices of Fennel in oil and Garlic until tender as the cooking process makes Fennel sweet-eating.

Cauliflower stars in the kitchen during the cooler weather. Currently well-priced

Warm up your taste buds with fresh long Red Chillies that are less fiery than most varieties. Red Chillies will add a tasty kick to your winter cooking. Did you know that by removing the seeds, it will make them even milder in flavour. Add some diced chilli to vegetable soups, casseroles, meat rubs and pasta dishes

Leeks - savour the subtle sweet-onion flavour of plump flavoursome Leeks. Use leeks as the base for some tasty homemade vegetable soup!

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