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Market Update 26th February 2013

Rockmelons are at their absolute best during this time of year while also being very well priced. Watermelon, a favourite with most children, is still of very good quality and value.


The New Season apples are quite crisp and tasty while William Pears are and will be at their best over the next couple of weeks.

Avocados are gradually becoming more plentiful and much better value for the consumer. Where grapes are concerned, the White seedless variety, are the pick for most customers.

Valencia Oranges are in season with the quality being very good and for the stone fruit lovers, there are now only a few weeks left in the season for both Nectarines and Peaches.

The quality of both the Broccoli and Snow peas has remained good in both quality and value.

If it is the green vegies that you are after, then Broccoli and beans are the go, along with Cauliflower that remains both good in quality and value. Not much good news to report on the Chinese Vegetables and Spinach I’m afraid with both, rising sharply in price following the drenching of crops in recent weeks.

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