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Market Update 25th October 2017

Mangoes are amongst the most delicious and luxurious of all tropical fruits and this week at Fred’s, Kensington Pride Mangoes are a great price!

Customers are in for a treat with a new flush of sumptuous Blueberries hitting the market this week. A highly-rated superfood that is not only low in calories but deeply enriched in vitamins and minerals

New Season Stone Fruit is here with Nectarines and Peaches heralding more great fruits to follow but for those wanting a more refreshing taste, we have sweet, seedless watermelon that the kids are sure to enjoy! 

And let’s not forget our sweet, tangy Queensland Pineapples in store today. Take care to cover and refrigerate once the pineapple has been cut. Serve chilled either sliced, pureed or cut in pieces.

Vegetables this week are very tempting with Broad Beans and their nutty flavour. When selecting look for the firm pale green broad beans with plump though not bulging pods.

English Spinach is not only good for you, it is good value this week at Fred’s One Stop while Lebanese Cucumbers will add that refreshing and juicy crunch to your salads.

Bok Choy and Choy Sum are the pick of the Asian Vegetables this week and for something different, why not snap up some of our Globe Artichokes before their season comes to an end.

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