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Right now customers the Nectarines and Peaches are absolutely delicious and well priced, as are our Apricots

Sweet Red Papaya is on special this week along with Fred’s One Stop pick for this week; Sapo Melons that are going out the door at a crazy price!

New season Grapes are now available and Limes are good value

Mangoes from the Northern Territory are fantastic for taste!

The first batch of Cherries have arrived and over the coming weeks customers, the quality will only get better

As we have come to expect over recent weeks, the Bananas are tasty and well priced

Watch for the new season of Raspberries to hit the shop…

Although quite small the Topless Pineapples are good and well worth a try

Unfortunately for customers, the picture is not so bright with vegetables due mainly to the substantial heat wave conditions that serve only to decimate many leafy green crops and force prices up

The quality of our Australian Asparagus is excellent

Locally grown Zucchinis are very good both for quality, and taste!

Beautiful locally grown Lebanese cucumbers are excellent quality and value

All varieties of Lettuce represent quality and value

From our grocery section we have the 750g variety of Vecchio Forno Crema Tiramisu and Chocolate Cake

Le Grande Deli has for you this customers a few great specials including Swiss Cheese and Australian Traditional Smoked Ham

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