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Market Update 25th July 2018

Snack time is Aussie Apple time!

Low in kilojoules Granny Smith Apples make the perfect “out of the hand” snack or tasty dessert to serve to family and guests

Hass Avocados are tasty and well-priced. Add some to your favourite homemade salad today!

Blood Oranges are super juicy right now. When buying select plump fruit with ruby-red tinged skin

Lemons are well priced. Add a strip of Lemon rind and Lemon juice to sugar syrups when poaching Apples, Pears and Quinces

Rhubarb is currently in good supply. When stewed up with either apples or pears, it makes for a zingy and tasty dessert with a difference!

Pears are plentiful and make for some excellent buying this week at Fred’s One Stop

Good supplies of Passionfruit. For something a little different, thinly slice some Pears then add to a salad with rocket and Parmesan Cheese. Yummo!

The natural goodness of Cabbage shines during the winter months. Sautee, steam or toss in the wok, Cabbage is one of those easy to prepare vegetables that the family love to eat.

Again, we have Cauliflowers at a good price at Fred’s One Stop. For something a little different try making Couscous from grated Cauliflower

Broccoli from Victoria and Queensland makes for some highly nutritious and versatile recipes

Good News with prices down a little this week for Red and Green Capsicums!

Excellent quality on New Season Artichokes. Boil trimmed Artichokes until nice and tender then slice and combine with diced tomatoes, baby bocconcini, parsley, pepper and olive oil

Large Zucchinis are a great buy!

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