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Buy of the week here at Fred’s One Stop are the Hass Avocados with their coarsely textured skin; they are the only variety of Avocado to change color upon ripening when the skin changes from a distinctive green, to a purplish-black.

Not far behind them this week are the Mini Kensington Mangoes that are excellently priced this week. This very popular variety of Mango becomes pleasantly aromatic when ripened, is low in fiber and possesses quite a tangy flavor.

Sultana and Thompson seedless make for a very crisp, sweet eating morning or afternoon snack.

Gala Apples are absolutely fantastic with their crispy skin and reliably sweet taste, thus making them the ideal fruit selection for the kiddie’s lunchboxes.

Tasmanian Blueberries make for great eating as well as healthy eating – as with the other 2 big ones, Strawberries and Raspberries, Blueberries are notably very high in powerful antioxidant qualities. The perfect ingredients for that extra tasty thick shake or after exercise, protein shake

The leafy green vegetables, thanks to some cooler weather are improving in quality every day and as such we are purchasing better supplies of beans, broccoli and lettuce; news which should bring a smile to the faces of all our customers.

Here at Fred’s, customers will find that our Pumpkin varieties, along with the Sweet Potato range, are of excellent quality and value.

From the Deli, it’s great news for customers, with Danish Feta, a cheese with a unique profile of its own and one that makes the ideal accompaniment to summer salad dishes, is exceptionally well priced this week, as are our Papandrea Italian Sausages.

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