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Market Update 25th April 2018

What a mammoth season we are having for harvested Apples such as Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Jazz and Kanzi. Ideal for a healthy snack while also offering loads of potential for Autumn Desserts

Autumn is the peak season for Aussie-grown Grapes hence the juiciness and plumpness of the current supply of grapes that are simply bursting with flavour!

Good supplies of Pomegranates that contain jewel-like seeds that are bursting with juice and flavour

Our current supply of Rockmelons hail from Bundaberg and Bowen so put some on your shopping list today!

When Imperial Mandarins feel heavy for their size, it indicates good juice content. Select mandarins that appear glossy in appearance

Broccoli is plentiful this week and the quality is absolutely superb!

You can enjoy both the leaves and stems of Swiss Chard which is similar to Silverbeet. Add to stir-fries, salads and soups

Top up your Vitamin A with fresh carrots that taste delicious when eaten raw or cooked

Time to pickle Olives customers…pop into Fred’s One Stop this week for a box

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