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Market Update 24th July 2019

Wintertime is peak time for Hass Avocados with their butter-like texture and rich nutty flavour. Make the most of Hass Avocados as the quality and price of them is good

Tangelos are in season. High in Vitamin C, the Tangelo is a cross between a Mandarin and a Grapefruit. Choose fruit that vibrant in colour and that feel heavy for their size

Rhubarb is in good supply and is well-priced

It is a bumper year for sweet, juicy Navel Oranges. Cara Cara Oranges have a flesh colour that is an attractive shade of orangey–pink. Blood Orange season has commenced with the fruit being exquisitely juicy

Juicy Lemons are juicy and well-priced. Drizzle a little lemon juice over tomato-based casseroles at the end of cooking to enhance flavour

Select from Packham, Buerru Bosc and Corella varieties of Pears that are naturally sweet. Pears are great when slices are added to salad or alternatively when poached or roasted

Green Kiwifruit is available and a good source of Vitamin C.

We all seem to have very busy schedules nowadays hence the perfect reason to whip up a healthy and easy to prepare stir-fry for the family to enjoy. Here at Fred’s One Stop Shopping we have fresh, tasty Asian Greens including Bock Choy and Choy Sum

Premium quality Parsnips are in season and tatse delicious when roasted with other winter vegetables whilst adding that unique sweetness to soups and casseroles

Warm up your winter cooking with the feisty taste of Chillies. Freshly harvested from Bundaberg and Bowen, Chillies are plentiful right now

Broccoli supplies are coming from NSW, Victoria and Queensland with most of the growing areas experiencing extra cold overnight temperatures which in effect, slows up the growing time and turns Broccoli heads purple. Prices are up with supplies reduced

Jerusalem Artichokes with their slightly nutty flavour, are ideal for soups, roasting and adding to mashes

Purchasing Carrots in a kilo bag makes for a thrifty and convenient buy. Carrots add a lovely sweetness to casseroles and soups.  Alternatively, try them pureed or mashed, roasted or steamed.

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