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Market Update 23rd October 2012

The availability of Bananas is improving as the weather up north warms up. Apples are slowly coming to the end their season however, Pink Lady’s and Granny Smith are still of good quality.


Victorian Strawberries are early this year and are very good tasting. Summer Raspberries are also just starting up.

Locally grown Blueberries are in season and the New Zealand Kiwifruit is very good. Hass Avocados are in season however the price is still quite high due to availability.

Topless Pineapples are very sweet and are of good quality. Rockmelons are likewise, of good quality and value.

Bring on the Mangoes….whoo hoo!

The quality is very good and due to them becoming more plentiful in the market, the price of them should improve over the coming weeks. It is still way too early for quality stonefruit.

The supply of vegetables has improved significantly after a difficult winter with Australian Asparagus season in full swing. Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage and Corn are all of good quality and value.

Lebanese Cucumbers have taken a sharp downturn in price which is really good news for our customers. There are also lots more tomatoes around with the exception of truss tomatoes but the good news is, the nice little Punnet Tomatoes have at last begun to ease up in price.

All round, a very good week for fruit and vegetables.

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