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Market Update 23rd May 2018

It’s never too cold for a delightful Autumn salad made with Pomegranates, Oranges and Fennel all of which, are in peak season

For something a little different, why not microwave some chopped Rhubarb with honey and a sprinkling of Cinnamon before serving over Waffles or Pancakes

Now who doesn’t like Apple Strudel with its crusty, light filo pastry encasing tender, sweet apples? Made with Granny Smith Apples, this easy to make Apple Strudel is sure to become a family favourite

Much excitement with the arrival of Australian winter harvest of juicy Navel Oranges that make a great anytime snack

Not only are Pears a naturally sweet snack, they add sweetness and crunch to salads. Pears also taste divine when roasted for Autumn desserts

Let’s not forget dressing up a salad or serving up with Nachos, our currently well-supplied Hass Avocados

Bananas are not just the most popular fruit in the world, they make the ideal snack. Most beneficial in the way that they have a low Glycaemic index which in effect means, they are absorbed slowly thus providing the sustained energy that the body needs

In vegetables this week, Brown Onions are a thrifty buy. Guess it might be time to make some delicious homemade French Onion Soup

Eggplant is a savvy buy and can be savoured in many ways for example, they can be roasted, grilled or barbequed.

We have some very crisp, versatile Victorian Celery at a very good price

If you love Beans, then we have in store some hand-picked Queensland grown Green Beans

Looking to add some extra tang to your next casserole or Autumn soup? Leeks will do the trick for you with their delicate onion flavour

And of course let’s not forget that “love them or hate them” Brussels Sprouts that when thinly sliced and tossed in a hot wok with a little oil, sliced beef, noodles and soy sauce, tastes absolutely divine

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