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Bananas are great this week both in price and quality

The quality of the QLD Berries coming into the market is excellent.

All apples are at the peak of their season

Mandarins are in season – quality is excellent as is the value.

Packam Pears season has started – great tasting!

Gourmet Tomatoes are the special of the week at Fred’s One Stop

Best of the vegetable specials are the Red Capsicums…a hot price!

The quality of Broccoli is good

Availability of Corn is improving as new areas begin harvesting

Good news customers…the price of Mushrooms has improved along with the quality

From the Grocery Department we have Cortos Hummus Tahini and Boiled Chick Peas on special

And from Le Grande Deli customers, we have Kaanlar Kashkaval Cheese

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