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Bananas, Bananas, Bananas!

Warmer temperatures has results in a heavy influx of Bananas into the markets which means good prices for customers

The quality of Hass Avocados is outstanding right now, what with their nutty taste and creamy thick texture, who could past them?

For those who’ve hanging for the succulent taste of a Mango, here at Fred’s we have Kensington Mangoes on special this week

Seedless Watermelon is also the go this week

Best time of the year for Pineapples customers; quality and value is excellent

Pick of the vegies customers….Plain Cabbages!

Beetroot and Chinese vegetables are in good supply this week as are Shallots, Kale and Rhubarb

Groceries….cannot go past Basa Fillet packs that are at a great price along with Tamax 3 litre Oil and Natoora European Sunflower seeds

Amazing week for Le grande deli with no less than 5 great specials this week.

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