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Market Update 22nd May 2019

Pears are plentiful right now and are mouth-wateringly delicious!

Our fresh Medjool dates have a soft sweet flesh and a caramel-like flavour. Enjoy them fresh for a succulent snack or deseed and chop them for cakes and puddings or porridge during the cooler months

Green Kiwifruit is in plentiful supply and a real bargain this week. The lush flesh of Kiwifruit offers a delightful tang and is a good source of vitamin C. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon for the ideal snack

Apples are fantastic this time of the year with Pink Lady and Fuji varieties proving to be a popular choice. Granny Smith and Golden Delicious are well priced

Did you know that the Cavendish Banana is the favourite banana among Australians with more than one billion eaten each year?

Imperial Mandarins are juicy, easy to peel and a favourite choice of citrus fruit with the kids, so why not pack a “Mandi” into their lunch box today. Mandarins are rich in vitamin C

Versatile Lemons are a kitchen essential. Add a dash of lemon juice or a sprinkle of lemon rind to your cooking for a refreshing contrast to the richness of meat or poultry casseroles and soups

The dynamic colour, tangy nectar and abundant seeds of the Pomegranate have made it a symbol of love and plenty in many cultures. Pomegranates are in classic rice and couscous dishes of the Middle East, as well as in ground meat dishes of India and Pakistan

Carrots are plentiful and well-priced. For a quick serving idea simmer or microwave sliced carrots in freshly squeezed orange juice and a drizzle of honey

Chokos are one of those old-fashioned favourites that absorb flavours. Appealing when simply steamed and served with butter and pepper. Alternatively, add some Choko, Cabbage and Chicken to make a tempting stir-fry

Victorian grown Fennel is at its prime right now. The aniseed flavour is stronger when raw and becomes milder when cooked. Sautee, bake or add to casseroles and soups

Now is the ideal time to make the most of aromatic fresh herbs. Enjoy sage with fish, pork, duck, cheese, bread, potato, pumpkin, peas, leeks, veal, chicken and mushroom. Thyme is wonderful teamed with chicken, roast vegetables and casseroles and soups, lemons, parsnip, potatoes, zucchini, squash and sausages

Cauliflowers are a top buy this week. Select Cauliflowers with compact heads. Caulies are a good source of vitamin C. Try adding Cauliflower to curries or roast until tender and serve is a salad

Another Top Buy this week is Kale. Leafy kale is both versatile and very tasty. Wash leaves, remove the stem and shred finely. Toss into a hot pan and cook until just wilted

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