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Market Update 22nd August 2019

Avocados are well priced this week and despite their creamy texture, did you know that Avocados provide valuable fibre?

Early supplies of Kensington Pride Mangoes from the Northern Territory are a bargain!

Strawberries are in peak supply and flavoursome best at this time of the year as can be seen by the current pricing. For maximum flavour, wash strawberries just before hulling (removing stalk)

Kon Fruit also sold as Sumo are just large Mandarins resembling a large Tangelo in shape, with a thick, wrinkly rind. This fruit is easy to peel, seedless, ultra-flavoursome and very juicy. Enjoy now as the season for this fruit is short

Sweet eating and aromatic small, North Territory Rockmelons are a thrifty buy at Fred’s One Stop!

Supplies of large, antioxidant-rich Blueberries from Caboolture and Coffs Harbour are delicious eating

Make the most of late winter lemons. Juice and lemon zest add flavour to marinades, cakes, steamed puddings or make your own preserved lemon. Select lemons that feel heavy for their size as this indicates good juice content

Fennel is a great buy this week at Fred’s, the One Stop Shop for shopping excellence. The delicate aniseed flavour and crunchy texture of fennel complement fish, chicken, lamb, pears and citrus

Early supplies of Australian grown asparagus are now available. Prices are expected to drop over the next month, as the harvest is in full swing.

With its reddish maroon coloured leaves, Radicchio looks like lettuce however it’s a member of the Chicory family. Its mildly bitter taste is delicious in salads but heads for Radicchio can also be cut into wedges then lightly sautéed and served with grated cheese

Premium quality large snow-white cauliflowers are a bargain!

Zucchini may be mild tasting however its extremely versatile and suitable for combining with a myriad of flavours to creating scrumptious meals. Pick up a kilo of zucchini this week and whip up a delicious Zucchini based meal this week

Ginger is a choice buy this week!

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