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Market Update 21st March 2018

Late season Plums such as Teagan Blue, Angelino and October Sun are available.

Cook up a mouth-watering dessert with Pears while they are such good value

Limes are a thrifty price this week. They are ideal for squeezing over seafood and spicy noodle dishes.

The quality of Figs right now is excellent while Sultana Grapes and Red-skinned Crimson Seedless make for some delicious eating!

Don’t miss your chance to purchase some late season Nectarines and Peaches

Sheppard Avocados that are full of nourishment and are now in season.

In season are Mangosteens, White Pomegranates, Custard Apples, Sweet Persimmon and Dragonfruit

Mexican Cucumbers, also known as Cucamelons are a fruit the size of grapes while tasting like Cucumbers with a tinge of sourness.

Sweet Corn at present is a fantastic buy!

Chestnuts remain the quintessential Autumn delicacy whether baked, roasted, boiled or grilled, they are a firm favourite!

Plump flavoursome Leeks can be consumed either raw or cooked. Their delicate flavour makes them ideal in casseroles, pies, soups and savoury dishes

Green Olives are in plentiful supply right now. Ever tried pickling your own?

Whilst time consuming, pickling your own olives can be a very rewarding experience.

No kitchen is complete without Red Capsicum. With their vibrant colour and flavoursome taste, they are ideal in casseroles, salads and stir-fries. Slice them in half and enjoy them barbequed!

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