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Market Update 20th November 2019

Golden, velvety-skinned Apricots are now in season. Choose sweet-smelling plump Apricots that have no signs of greening around the stem

White and Yellow-fleshed Nectarines and Peaches from the North Coast of NSW, Peats Ridge, South Australia and Victoria are irresistibly juicy!

Luscious R2E2 Mangoes are a a fabulous price at Fred’s One Stop this week. We also have Kensington Pride and Calypso from which to choose. Allow firm Mangoes to ripen at room temperature until the flesh yields under gentle pressure around the stem

Australian-grown Cherries with their luscious texture and sweet-tangy flavour, are now in season. Cherries can be can be firm or soft fleshed and vary in sweetness, depending on their variety.

Bananas are an all-time favourite and are well-priced. When banana's start to develop a brown freckled appearance on the dulling yellow skin, it is an indication that they are at prime ripeness and sweetness.

Melons are flourishing in the warmer weather. Serve as a healthy snack

Check out our premium quality Berries this week!  We have Victorian Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries

Cherry and Grape Tomatoes are plentiful and a thrifty purchase.

Mild tasting Green Onions aka known as Shallots are a bargain this week!

Glossy purple-black skinned Eggplants are delicious sautéed, baked, grilled or barbecued. Eggplants absorb flavours and so work well with Tomato, Garlic and Basil. Premium glasshouse-grown Eggplants are firm and tasty

Cos and Iceberg lettuce are well priced

Premium, hand-picked Green Beans are a thrifty buy this week.

Antioxidant enriched Kale makes for a tasty and thrifty buy. This power-packed vegetable is great for breakfast smoothies, brunch or a light weeknight dinner

Lebanese Cucumbers are a choice buy. Combine diced Cucumber with ripe tomatoes, olives, thinly sliced onion and feta cheese to make a traditional Greek salad

Add Button Mushrooms to your shopping list this week. Slice and add to a pasta dish or stir-fry. Alternatively, tread on to a bamboo skewer, marinate and barbecue.

Ruby-red coloured Beetroot is sweet, nutty favoured and great value at Fred’s One Stop!

Versatile Zucchinis are a choice buy. Try slicing them in half lengthwise, score, then brush with a little olive oil and place on the barbecue or grill plate, cook turning once until tender.

For value, taste and ease of cooking, premium Australian Asparagus is a winner! With its delicate nutty flavour, Asparagus can be enjoyed raw or cooked and hot or cold.

Versatile Jap Pumpkin is a thrifty buy. Roasting Pumpkin makes a scrumptious addition to a salad

Crisp and vibrant, green sugar snap peas are a choice buy. Cooked quickly they maintain their stunning colour and certainly liven up a stir-fry, salad or curry!

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