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Market Update 20th November 2012

Bananas this week are of very good quality and value as are Packham Pears despite them coming to the end of their season.


Navel Oranges are still good but likewise, coming towards the end of the season and will be replaced by Valencia Oranges in the coming weeks.

Rockmelons, especially the smaller ones, are not just very good quality and value, they are sweet tasting and very refreshing this week.

The ever so popular Mangoes are much more plentiful in the markets and the quality is great. Come on into Fred’s this week and pick up a tray; you won’t be disappointed!

For those who relish Avocado in their salad, the Hass Avocados from Western Australia are at their prime now.

Peaches, peaches, peaches….yummo!

Both the white and yellow varieties are affordable and delicious.

Apricots are in and the perfect treat to put in the kiddies lunchboxes.

Very good news on the veggie front with excellent supplies of Beans, Snow peas, Cos Lettuce, Brocooli, Cabbage, Zucchini, Cucumbers and Celery.

Notably, the price of Snow Peas is falling rapidly and Cos Lettuce from the Sydney Basin area is well worth purchasing for that delicious Caesar Salad.

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