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Market Update 20th June 2018

Navel Oranges are the winter variety of oranges the rind of which can be used in juices as well as making cakes, muffins and puddings

Good news in that the supplies of Queensland Strawberries are increasing so time to break out a tasty winter dessert maybe?

Granny Smith provide that crunchy source of much needed Fibre and Vitamin C that our bodies need for good health

We know that everyone loves Bananas for their smooth creamy texture and daily boost of vitamins and energy. A popular choice for quality and value at Fred’s this week

We have good supplies of both Green and Gold Kiwifruit

Don’t go past top buying Hass Avocados this week!

Quinces are well supplied

Packham Pears are juicy and make the perfect snack while the Beurre Bosc variety make the ideal cooking pear

Broccoli is reasonably priced and absolutely flourishing in the colder weather so whether you like it steamed or stir-fried, now is a good time to serve it up at the dinner table

Winter is the ideal time to discover the flavour of Beetroot which tastes scrumptious when steamed, boiled or roasted.

Mushrooms are absolutely jam-packed with flavour, goodness, vitamins and antioxidants so why not fill up that paper bag with them to enjoy for Breakfast, lunch or dinner during your next shop at Fred’s One Stop!

If you are looking for something that little different, then try some Jerusalem Artichokes, a real winter treat with their nutty flavour!

Brown Onions from South Australia and Tasmania are plentiful right now.

Fennel is a great buy this week at Fred’s!

Try roasting some Cauliflower which is simply bursting with flavour and goodness right now!

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