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Market Update 1st May 2019

Ruby-coloured and antioxidant enriched Pomegranates are in season and bursting with juice and flavour. Sprinkle the jewel-like seeds over a range of dishes or alternatively use the juice for marinades and salad dressings

Mandarins make for some sweeter eating this week. Their perfect size makes them ideal for school lunch boxes

Australian grown Green Kiwifruit and New Zealand Gold Kiwifruit provide a healthy kick-start to the day when chopped and added to either your breakfast cereal or smoothie. Yum!

Autumn Raspberries are a sweet buy this week!

Exotic looking Quinces are aromatic and sweet. A member of the Apple and Pear family, Quinces need to be cooked to be enjoyed. Worth a try if you have never had them before

Australia's Apple season is in full swing and there is a great range of Apples in store now. Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Kanzi, Jazz, Royal Gala and Pink Lady are quite firm and deliciously crunchy

Bananas are very reasonably priced and make an ideal, anytime snack!

Top up your fruit bowl with golden coloured Lemons. This versatile fruit is a kitchen staple, ideal for using in savoury dishes, marinades, dressings and sweet tangy desserts

It’s Brussels Sprouts time! Toss thinly sliced Brussels sprouts in a hot wok with a little oil and sliced bacon until just tender, toss through noodles and soy sauce then serve for a highly nutritious and delicious treat!

Eggplant is a savvy shopper buy!

Broccoli is an all year-round vegetable that is bursting with natural goodness. Fresh broccoli should be rapidly cooked to retain its vibrancy of colour and flavour

Truss Tomato prices are easing!

Celery is healthy, delicious and very economical. Raw Celery is crisp, tasty and really low in kilojoules. Serve Celery sticks with peanut butter, whip up a creamy celery soup or add s stick or two for some added flavour and fibre to hearty winter soups

Time to roast up a kilo or two of Chestnuts! Storing cooked and peeled chestnuts in the freezer is a tasty and easy way to add that boost of flavour to autumn salads

Fennel with its delicate, aniseed flavour is a delight and can be eaten either raw or cooked

Orange fleshed Sweet Potato, also known as Kumara, is a great buy this week!

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