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Market Update 1st August 2018

If you are looking for a quick and easy dessert toss together Tangelo segments with some halved and hulled Strawberries. Squeeze the mix with tangelo juice before refrigerating 15 minutes. Yum! Good value this week are flavoursome Grape and Cherry Tomatoes Well priced premium quality Hass Avocados from Northern Queensland and Southern Queensland are in plentiful supply this week Definitely a favourite in most households are flavoursome Strawberries. They are jam-packed with fibre and make some fabulous desserts. Strawberries are well-priced at Fred’s One Stop Why not try some Seville Oranges this week – bittersweet in flavour this variety of orange is most commonly used when making Marmalades Sweet-eating Blueberries make a nice change at this time and thankfully, the prices are easing Tangy and sweet tasting Pineapples are reasonably priced. For something tasty and easy to prepare, warm some pineapple chunks in butter before serving up with a dollop of cream! Globe Artichokes are not just striking to look at, they possess a unique, sweet and subtle flavour. Early supplies are arriving from the Sydney Basin and Victoria Plain Cabbage is a great price! Seems we never tire of Broccoli which is the best-known member of the Cruciferous family of vegetables and brimming with antioxidants, fibre, folate and potassium. Mildly flavoured Yellow Squash are well priced this week A thrifty purchase for customers, are versatile vegetable Eggplant. No need to salt, simply slice it, brush with olive oil before grilling until tender English Spinach is a fantastic buy! If you are a busy person, then locally grown Asian Vegetables make the ideal and easily prepared meal for the entire family. For added taste, throw in some tasty Mushrooms from Fred’s One Stop

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