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Customers, you simply can’t go past the Jonathon Apples as the ideal healthy lunchbox accompaniment but remember, they aren’t just for the children. Adults love them also for their crisp eating and very sweet taste.


Granny’s are in yet, despite their crispness and juiciness, they are still a little tart at this early stage of the season

New season Gala Apples are likewise crisp and juicy

Victorian strawberries are back on customers and they are the selection of choice this week. Exceptionally well priced at Fred’s One Stop, so hop on in for some of these delectable treats.

White Seedless and Crimson Seedless Grapes are both in season. They are very good quality and represent good value for money. Crimson are especially crisp eating at this time

Both Watermelon and Rockmelon are still good quality and represent value for money

From the vegetable side of things, the top buy this week at Fred’s is our Plain Cabbage – a light green and round variety of Cabbage that has short, petiole leaves and compact head. Great in Coleslaw and Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes) so why not give that recipe a try!

Cauliflower and Broccoli are both very good this week. Did you know that eating broccoli or cauliflower boosts your intake of fiber and protein, two nutrients that help you feel satisfied after your meal?

And last but not least, a “Fav” with the kids – Corn on the Cob! Makes for very juicy eating this week at Fred’s.

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