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Market Update 19th March 2013

Fruit once again seems to be in better shape this week than the vegetable lines with Lettuce, Snow Peas, Spinach and Tomatoes getting dearer due to supply issues brought about by the recent abnormal weather patterns.


New Season Jonathon Apples are the pick of the apples this week with the quality and prices both good. They are currently at their best. Great for kids lunchboxes!

With the weather up north having moderated somewhat, the flavour of Bananas is now far better than it has previously been. So too has the shelf life improved of this, one of the most popular all year round fruits.

William Pears are now all from controlled atmosphere storage hence they will not ripen as quickly and will keep longer.

Fred has a great special this week on new season October Sun Plums that are a larger and paler plum than the little Sugar Plums.

Raspberries continue to be the most reliable of all the berries.

Custard Apples and Persimmons have the hit the store this week as have the Chestnuts.

About the best thing that can be said about vegetables this week is that Fred has a great special on Aniseed.

But all is not grim I guess with bargain prices on Beans, Lebanese Cues, Kestrel Potatoes and Cauliflowers all of which are cheaper than last week.

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