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Market Update 19th July 2016

The time is now to buy Hass Avocados with their creamy texture and nutty flavor as the price is right

Packham Pears are very good – will ripen if left for a few days

The Northern QLD season for Rock Melons is underway and quality is sound

The quality and value of Bananas is very good

Passionfruit is excellent in value and quality

Now is the best time of the year to buy Topless Pineapples

Aniseed is very well priced this week at Fred’s One Stop

Broccoli is presenting well – a favorite wintertime vegetable

Brussels Sprouts are a good buy!

Orange fleshed Sweet Potato is in good supply this week - delicious when roasted, mashed (also known as Kumara)

If you are looking for a low kilojoule option, why not buy some Cauliflower. They can be grated to make couscous or cooked then mashed and served as a mashed potato substitute

From Le Grande Deli this week customers we have an Extra Special price on Spanish Iberico Cheese (available only in pieces)

Ham Deluxe which makes a great choice for sandwiches is well priced as is our Parmesan Reggiano which is available both sliced and in pieces

Our grocery specials are Mutti 12 pack Tomato Puree and Calnort Stock Cubes that come in a packet of 12

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