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Market Update 19th August 2020

Sweet eating Strawberries from QLD’s Sunshine Coast are extra flavoursome and plentiful. A super price at Fred’s this week! 

Juicy Navel Oranges are in abundance while vibrant coloured Tangelos, Ruby Grapefruit and tasty Mandarins are in good supply 

A fruit not to miss are Blood Oranges, the flesh of which are loaded with raspberry coloured juice. Use the juice in Salad Dressing and Marinades, the rind and juice in baked goods like this tasty recipe;

Blueberries are loaded with health boosting antioxidants. Make an easy Blueberry Fool - lightly crush Blueberries and fold through Natural Yoghurt with a drizzle of Honey 

Creamy Queensland Bananas are an energy-boosting fruit that are a healthy choice for the whole family. Kids just love ‘em! 

Northern Territory Kensington Pride Mangoes have started to appear in the markets. Arriving from Darwin, Mangoes are sweet but will become sweeter as the season progresses. Make a quick Mango Salsa to serve with a curry by combining diced Mango with chopped Red Chilli, Lime juice and chopped Coriander leaves 

Papaya with its oval shape and pink-orange flesh, is a sweet and flavourful Australian-grown Tropical fruit. Whole Papaya continues to ripen after harvesting. Leave on a bench for a few days at room temperature to fully ripen. Fruit is ready to eat when the fruit loses its greenish tinge and yields to gentle pressure around the stem end 

Golden fleshed Pineapples from far north Queensland are a good buy this week. The super sweet and low acid topless pineapples are likewise good value. Try our Pineapple & Chilli Salsa with Crisp-Skin Salmon;

Cherry Tomatoes are bite size, flavoursome and ideal for adding to Salads. They are just as delicious when roasted, drizzled with olive oil, a sprinkling of salt and sugar (roasted until soft) then served with Fish, Chicken or pan-fried Haloumi. 

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables with supplies of Iron, Potassium including a high content of vitamins that contribute to your daily health and wellbeing requirements 

Mild tasting Zucchini is ultra-versatile and a thrifty buy again this week! 

Fennel is a good source of Fibre, Potassium and Folate. Delicious served cooked or raw, Fennel teams deliciously with Cheese, Tomato, Orange, Lemon, Ham, Lamb, Seafood and Pasta 

Eggplants are a great buy this week! Eggplants bruise easily so it is wise to handle them with care. This Tomato, Fennel & Chicken one-pan dinner is fabulous and feeds four. It’s a good dish to make ahead of time and reheat. 

For best eating, Brussels Sprouts choose small, compact and even-sized sprouts. Trim Sprouts and cut into halves or quarters and toss into a wok with diced bacon and Worcestershire sauce. 

New-season Australian grown Asparagus has arrived at the Sydney Markets. 

Enjoy the quality and flavour of locally grown Bok Choy, Sum and Gai Lum from Fred’s One Stop. Toss these delectable Asian Veggies in a hot wok and serve as a side vegetable or combine with meat for a quick, easy and very healthy stir-fry. 

Premium quality Wombok aka Chinese Cabbage has a crisp texture and mild flavour thus making it an ideal addition to stir-fries, wontons, noodle dishes, winter slaws and Asian style soups 

Crisp and versatile Celery is a thrifty buy this week at Fred’s One Stop. Store unwashed in an airtight container lined with paper towel in the refrigerator for maximum shelf life. 

New season Broad Bean season has started. Select crisp, pale green, velvety pods – the smaller the better. As a guide, 1kilo of Broad Beans yields about 1 cup (250g) shelled beans. 

Add a boost of colour to your winter salads with Radicchio - its vibrant pinkish- maroon coloured leaves are slightly bitter and team deliciously with winter Citrus, Fennel, Pears, Parsley, Apples and Pomegranates. 

Kale is highly nutritious and jam-packed full of nutrients with one cup providing100% of your daily requirements of vitamins A, C & K. Use kale in similar ways to that of English Spinach

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