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Market Update 18th October 2017

Along with an abundance of fresh greens such as Green Peas and Snow Peas, we have as one of our featured specials this week, some tender eating Asparagus.

Asian Leafy Greens and Broccoli are at reasonable prices and are delicious when delicious when steamed or added to a vast number of quick meal options

With Spring having well and truly sprung for 2017, the nutty flavour of Broad Beans can be savoured when teamed with Pancetta, Meat and Feta Cheese in a very healthy salad

Salad Tomatoes are plentiful and well-priced while a Head of fennel represents excellent value. There is a delicious meal to be enjoyed when baby fennel slices are pan-fried until tender in olive oil and garlic then tossed through cooked spaghetti, chopped fennel leave and pine nuts, Yummo!

Blueberries are now in store. Following recent studies involving mature age patients, it has been suggested that this powerful superfood might be helpful in improving scores on tests that included cognitive function

Golden fleshed Pineapples are well priced and will make a refreshing treat for the family

It looks like we are going to be in for a bumper season for Mangoes as the weather begins to heat up. Our customers are certainly in for a treat!

The richness in flavour of both Peaches and Nectarines is improving as Summer draws nearer and for those just hangin’ for some fresh Rhubarb, we have bunches in instore!

Lemons are reasonably priced…

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