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Market Update 18th October 2016

Corella Pears are featured this week at Fred’s

Supplies of Kensington Pride Mangoes and the larger variety of R2E2 are increasing

We have Seedless Watermelon in store – supply from the NT and jam-packed with flavour

Yellow and White Peaches are a good choice along with Nectarines and with the warmer weather, we can soon expect larger and sweeter fruit

Blueberries are delicious and plentiful

Navel Oranges are coming to the end of their season however, the quality is still excellent – they are very sweet and juicy!

Strawberries at this stage are coming from Western Australia

The quality of Pineapples is very good

Locally grown Eggplant is of sound quality

The quality of Sydney grown Cucumber is high

Coloured Capsicum in the net is on special this week at FOS

Spring is the time customers, for the easy to prepare and Australian  grown Asparagus

All varieties of Lettuce are very good in quality

Continental Groceries include the Limited Edition Schweppes Lemonade with Citrus and Cucumber in the 1.25L bottle

Jimmy’s Pride USA Raw Walnuts in the 800g Pack are a fantastic price this week

Never too early for Panettone at Fred’s One Stop – featured this week is Pineta Panettone Classico 900g

Le Grande Deli is bursting with great specials this week:

  • Millel, Pecorino, Pepato and Romano Cheese – Pieces Only
  • Sicilian Giant Green Olives
  • Boutique Ham “IL COTTA” – Sliced only


Lastly we have featured this week in the La Fiamma newspaper two more great specials:

  • Rocca Almond Meal
  • Forte De Medici Mineral Water – Naturale or Frizzante

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