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Fantastic price on Bananas this week customers! High in Fibre and low in GI, Bananas are a great source of long-lasting energy – did you know that Australians chomp their way through 5 million every day?

Rock Melons and likewise Watermelon are of very quality and value here at Fred’s One Stop.

For those who like Quinces, they are at their peak right now

Grannies Apples with their sensational acidic and tangy flavor are one of the finest cooking apples. When fully mature, the sweetness level of this popular apple increases.

Papaya is of good quality and value.

Raspberries make for flavorsome eating, as do the New Season William Pears

In the vegie department customers we have 5kg bags of Brushed Potatoes that are priced to walk out the door!

Supplies of Broccoli have improved and though they may have a slight yellowish tinge to their appearance, be assured that it is quite normal for this time of year as Broccoli prefers colder climate growing conditions.

Celery and Corn are both of excellent quality and value.

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