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Berries are “berrylicious” this week with the fantastic eating Raspberries and strawberries coming from Victoria and Tasmania where the growing conditions have been excellent.

Bananas are very tasty at the moment thanks to cooler weather conditions in Queensland and the Plum varieties make for some great eating

An ever popular in between meal snack, the Red Seedless variety of grape comes into their own as an optimum choice of fruit

Jonathon Apples make for a great change with their crisp, juicy and very sweet taste, making them as a kid’s lunchbox addition, an absolute must!

A flush of late season seedless watermelon from NSW has resulted in an easing of price for this very refreshing fruit

On the vegetable front, we have good supplies of Cucumber, Capsicum, Snow Peas and Pumpkin all of which are continuing to ease in price thus presenting themselves as great value options for our budget conscious customers this week at Fred’s.

The pick of the week is Broccolini – often referred to as baby Broccoli – a green vegetable that is not just exceptionally well priced this week, but one that gets a zingy taste to it when prepared in lemon and garlic

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