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White Thompson seedless grapes are coming into season. They represent very good quality and value.

With the current drama unfolding with China over the Frozen Berry recall, many customers are reverting back to the local market instead of using imported fruit which augers well for our growers.

Nectarines are still rather good as is the quality of Peaches.

Gala Apples are now in season and they are very crisp and juicy, making them an excellent choice for school lunchboxes.

With the arrival of New Season William Pears, customers can expect over the coming weeks, that this variety of pear will get sweeter.

Rock Melons are very good quality and value

In the way of vegetables this week, Pre-packed Carrots are in very good supply.

Broccoli, Corn, Beans and Capsicum are coming at better prices this week at Fred’s.

All varieties of Lettuce are of sound quality and value as are locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers

Kumara and Sweet Potato are easing in price.

From the Deli section customers, we have sliced Zammit Danish and Spanish Salami both on special.
We also have secured a great price on 700g 6-Pack Sole Natura Passata.

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