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Market Update 18th April 2018

Appetising Avocados are at their very best value this week. Ideal for serving with salads, sandwiches, tacos and smoothies yet, for that something different, why not use them when baking a delightful family treat such as Avocado, Macadamia and Chia Brownies

Good value also are Bananas. Did you know that Bananas, despite their creamy texture, contain no fat at all?

In season Imperial Mandarins make for juicy eating and top value!

South Australian Strawberries are a thrifty buy and top value this week. Be sure to use them within 1 – 2 days of purchase so as to enjoy them at their premium level of quality

Don’t forget to grab a bunch of of sweet-eating and superbly crunchy Grapes!

Customers, there is nothing better than a perfectly ripened Pear right now. Known for their versatility, Pears work well when poached, baked, roasted, stewed and especially well when tossed through warm salads. Or eaten when raw!

Time now to embrace the fabulous Quince which when peeled and quartered and simmered with a split Vanilla Pod in a light sugar syrup until they are softened and turned a delightful shade of pink, makes for a mouth-watering dessert.

Popular in the Middle East, India and the Mediterranean, Pomegranates are currently being embraced by Australian Chefs and cooks alike.

The ideal snack at any time, Apples add sweetness to salads and are superb when roasted to serve up with Pork.

Truss Tomatoes are just perfect for making Greek style Stuffed Tomatoes and are great value this week!

Extremely healthy and discreetly delicious, Celery is also very economical. When teamed together with carrots and onions, Celery creates a flavoursome base for Caseroles and Soups.

New Season Fennel has arrived!

With their golden flesh and natural sweetness, Pumpkins offer a range of cooking options such as roasting, mashed or when cooked and tossed through gnocchi, pasta or that delicious Autumn salad

Autumn is Chestnut time so why not split and roast some today!

And finally, for something a little different, try some peppery flavoured Watercress. For a quick and easy salad, add in some halved Cherry Tomatoes, crumbled Feta Cheese and some drained flaked tuna.

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