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Market Update 17th October 2018

Fine weather in Darwin is contributing to an exceptional Mango harvest this season. Sweet and juicy mangoes bring that sumptuous tropical taste to your diet. Select firm mangoes with a sweet tropical aroma. Ripen Mangoes at room temperature

There are plentiful supplies of refreshing, sweet-eating Watermelon available this week

Ruby-red Rhubarb makes for a thrifty purchase this week at Fred’s. Microwave sliced Rhubarb stems using honey or sugar to sweeten. A real crowd pleaser when served hot or cold with vanilla ice-cream or custard.

Make the most of our plump, antioxidant enriched Blueberries while they are in season. Combine them with Strawberries on your breakfast cereal and you give your body the healthy kick it needs to get you going in the morning

Avocados are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A luxury you can afford!

Oozing with antioxidants and vitamin C, sweet, succulent Papaya is a sumptuous Australian-grown tropical fruit. Whole Papaya continues to ripen after harvesting. Leave out on the kitchen bench for a few days to fully ripen

Australian grown Asparagus in peak season. An easy to prepare and highly nutritious vegetable that is priced just right this week.

Leafy Asian Greens are good value as is versatile Eggplant.

Like other orange coloured vegetables, Kumara (orange sweet potato) is jam-packed with Carotenoids such as Beta Carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A.

Iceberg Lettuce is a super-buy this week customers! A mild flavoured and crunchy-eating lettuce.

If you are looking for a low kilojoule count vegetable, then you cannot go past the high- water content of Lebanese Cucumbers. Select firm, dark green Lebanese Cucumbers and refrigerate in the crisper section

Add some vibrancy to your next salad with the delicious flavour of Fennel

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