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Cocktail Avocados are a great price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Australia’s favourite, the Cavendish banana is priced well and eating well….why nor try cooking up some wholesome Banana Bread for the family

Kale represents a good deal for customers able to buy two bunches for a really low price; providing more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other vegetable and has a lively, sharp-tasting flavour with bitter peppery qualities

Providing the perfect Autumn treat with the sweetest of sweet, Persimmons!

Now is the right time for Pears with their naturally sweet taste and crunchy texture…a family favourite during Autumn

Pontiac, Desiree and Brushed Potatoes are in good supply that is great news for those loving a creamy serving of mashed potatoes with the evening meal

Time to roast up some CHESTNUTS!

If you haven’t tried fennel before, now might be the right time: their distinctive mild aniseed flavour is delicious when teamed up with Lamb, Fish and Tomato

With a sweet and nutty flavour, chestnuts provide the versatility when looking for that special something in an evening meal

In groceries we have Brasilero Italian Blend in both Ground and Beans for a not to missed special price.

Yonka and Askari Sunflower Oil is on sale this week in a 5 Litre bottle

Rounding out this week customers, we have from le Grande deli, Mixed Olives at an exceptionally low price as well as Zanetti Reggiano Parmesan (whole and pieces) going out at a great price!

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