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Market Update 17th July 2019

No better way to kickstart your day than with some freshly-squeezed orange juice!  At Fred’s we have both Navel Oranges and Cara Cara varieties instore

Queensland Strawberries are plentiful this week and very well priced. Strawberries are loaded with flavour as well as being a great source of Vitamin C

Go Bananas this week over some creamy, delicious Cavendish Bananas that when added to a smoothie, provide nutrients and that boost of energy when you need it

Mandarins are sweet, juicy, packed with Vitamin C and a choice buy at Fred’s One Stop!

Kiwifruit is in plentiful supply and prices are good

Creamy Hass avocados are not just naturally good for you, they are a bargain price this week

Tangelos have a really tangy flavour and fragrant aroma. Use the juice and flesh of Tangelos in recipes as an alternative to oranges during winter. Team Tangelos up with Baby Spinach leaves and Walnuts in a salad

Packham Pears are ideal for snacking on and making delectable winter desserts. Add pear slices to a bread and butter pudding or poach in spices and red wine until tender

Broccolini is instore and makes an ideal alternative to Asparagus. Goes great with Chicken and Teriyaki noodles

Fennel is top value this week!

Kids enjoy the naturally sweet flavour of Kumara. Why not make some sweet potato chips or alternatively, top the family pizza with Kumara for a tasty treat

Victorian grown Broccoli is bursting with natural goodness. A vegetable that needs to be rapidly cooked in order to maintain its vibrancy of colour and flavour

Winter is the perfect time to savour the subtle sweet-onion flavour of Leeks that are so often used as the base of a tasty home-made vegetable soup

Firm, snow-white tasty Cauliflowers are a choice buy this week at Fred’s One Stop Shopping

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