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Market Update 17th August 2016

Roy’s –Large Strawberries are delectable and exceptionally well priced this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples are plentiful right now and their quality is excellent

Customers, you simply can’t go past Bananas for price and quality

The taste of Kiwi Fruit right now is excellent!

If you tried Panama Passionfruit then now is the time to buy – quite an odd looking fruit but one that makes for delicious eating

Hand Picked Round Beans are a fantastic price!

Broccoli at present is representing great value and quality

Sweet Potato makes for a great tasting and well-priced vegetable

Plentiful supplies of Pumpkin at Fred’s right now…

We have Pickled Cabbages splendidly priced this week – often used as a base for stews and soups

Le Grande Deli are presenting Cherry Bocconcini at a very good price – this delicately flavoured fresh cheese is used to carry other flavours such as fresh herbs and extra virgin oil in salads

We also have Danish Mild with its mild smoky flavour and Spanish Hot Salami for those customers wanting that bit of hotness – great on sandwiches and pizza

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