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Kids are back to school and mum’s can relax a bit!


What to pack in the lunchbox has been made simple this week with Apples not only at the peak of their season, they are of excellent quality and value.

Not to be outdone for this the first week back at school, are Imperial Mandarins – an ideal “lunchbox filler” that kids love!

Of course we have watermelon however despite the quality being good, prices are higher than they should be.

Bananas make for good eating!

Kiwi fruit – excellent quality and value!

Despite the current cold snap having lead to reduced supplies and higher prices for many vegetable lines, the quality is generally very good.

It’s not all bad news however:

Top vegetable special for customers at Fred’s Fruit this week are Eggplant – often referred to as Aubergine, they are a rich flavorsome vegetable and as such, lend themselves to many different cuisines

Spinach, a vegetable high in nutritional value and rich in antioxidants, is also exceptionally well priced

From the grocery department fine and course Semolina are a good buy – for those customers who have never tried it, Semolina is the coarse, purified wheat middling’s of durum wheat that is used in making Puddings, Couscous and Pasta.

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