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Sweet and juicy late season Plums make for a good choice this week customers – Tegan Blue, Anglino and Sugar Plums.

Fruit “Special of the Week” here at Fred’s; Seedless Watermelon!

The best sweet eating and succulent In Season fruit customers are Figs – great as a snack and likewise when added to desserts or salads.

Rock Melons are delightful but did you know, that they continue to ripen after harvesting? So if it a tasty Rock Melon you are after, remember to cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate it once you have cut it.

Now is the time when Valencia Oranges come into their own, as they are rich in Vitamin C, sweet and juicy and they make a great afternoon snack for the kids

New Season Shepard Avocados have hit the market with their creamy flesh – great for salads!

In vegetables this week we have Lebanese Cucumbers on special this week at Fred’s One Stop. A perfect accompaniment to salads!

Cauliflowers are another good buy customers!

From our Grocery Department this week we have a great buy on 5 Litre Tamax Sunflower Oil…too much of a good price for customers to pass over…we also have Tasman Shore Basmati Rice (5 kg variety) on special.

Rounding out the week from Le Grande Deli customers we have Jarslberg Cheese (sliced or pieces) and Fresh Italian Sausages that are fantastic for the BBQ!

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