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Red Sweet Papaya supplies have swamped the market hence the sensational price this week at Fred’s One Stop

Flavorsome, sweet eating Nectarines and Peaches are plentiful this week. Have you ever tried them roasted or poached as a Summer Dessert?

Bananas are likewise exceptionally we priced and very tasty but one can simply not go past the Cherries the taste of which is nothing short of superb!

Mangoes are in full swing with supplies being high of delicious Kensington Pride and R2D2 varieties. The perfect summer dessert that you simply won’t be able to get enough of!

If you want to save money then buying your Mangoes and Cherries by the box is the only way to go customers.

White Seedless Grapes make for some great eating this week.

Rock Melons are now exceptionally well priced as are Lychees which is why, now is the ideal time to try them. Lychees taste particularly good when served with Ice Cream or when wrapped in Prosciutto then grilled

Excellent growing conditions across the eastern seaboard have resulted in solid supplies of most vegetable lines including Cauliflower, Broccolini and Iceberg Lettuce.

Tomato supply and prices remain steady.

Good news with Pumpkin; prices are coming down!

From our grocery department customers we have Fornidea, Rocca Foods and Vecchio Forno Pandoro, all which are at special prices this week

The price of our 24 pack of S. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water will get you hopping on into Fred’s…

From Le Grande Deli we have Flat Hot and Mild Sopressa priced well and also Continental Frankfurts.

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