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Market Update 15th August 2018

Strawberries are a good source of Fibre and make for some flavoursome eating this week. Did you know that between June and October that approximately 1/3 of Australia’s Strawberry harvest hails from Queensland?

Good supplies of deliciously refreshing Papaya from in and around Innisfail. Papaya is rich in Fibre, Antioxidants and Vitamin C. Makes an ideal breakfast fruit!

Creamy smooth and nutty flavoured Hass Avocados are cholesterol free and naturally good for you. Avocados make for some super value purchasing this week at fred’s One Stop.

Our early season Northern Territory Mangoes are luscious! Allow firm Mangoes to ripen up until fresh at room temperature

Sweet, tangy and easy to peel Tangelos are a cross between a Mandarin and a Grapefruit and should feel heavy for size when purchasing. Heaviness in a Tangelo indicates a good juicy content

Supplies of Large, antioxidant enriched Blueberries from Caboolture and Coffs harbour are making for some delectable eating right now.

Cherry Tomatoes are a thrifty buy this week!

And let’s not forget to mention our smooth and creamy Queensland Bananas that are top value!

When it comes down to “simple and fast” cooking customers, you cannot go past delicious New Season Asparagus!

Don’t leave Fred’s without picking up a snow-white Cauliflower. A great buy this week!

Sweet, earthy Carrots that are a staple of winter cooking are well priced.

Supplies of Victorian and Queensland Broccoli are superb in quality right now while the alternative Broccolini is both tender and tasty.

Winter is still with us making it an ideal time to whip up some Pumpkin soup with our Jap and Jarrahdale Pumpkins. Alternatively, why not roast some Pumpkin chunks sprinkled with Chilli and Ginger. Yum!

Our locally grown Asian Greens are a fabulous buy this week at Fred’s One Stop!

Pick up a bunch of vibrant-coloured Beetroot, the vegetable that really comes into its own during winter. Select bunches with small to medium sized bulbs and crisp, green leaves.

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