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Best of the best at Fred’s One Stop this week are the Imperial Mandarins that are the more favored of all mandarins. Exceptionally well priced, sweet tasting and easy to peel.


Lemons always high in demand over the Easter period are in very short supply hence the price is high. Try substituting Lemons this weekend for Limes as the price is much more reasonable.

For those customers looking to purchase Chestnuts; this is certainly the week to buy – have you ever tried, roasted Chestnuts?

Rockies are good tasting however when purchasing, bear in mind that the life expectancy is rather short. So eat up and enjoy!

Apples make for great eating which is good news with the kids – always a great snack!

Rain, rain, go away – well maybe not, but certainly the rain has resulted in slower growth of vegetables in some areas.

Shepard Avocados are on the way out and as such, they tend to ripen very quickly however, they still are better tasting than the Hass variety. Take a tip and put them in the refrigerator as soon as you feel any give in them.

Broccoli, Zucchini and Cauliflower, those always-available “veggie” lines, are well priced and good tasting.

There has been an improvement in the availability of both red and green Capsicums.

Customers, get on the Eggplant this week at Fred’s as the price is fantastic!

Not to be outdone are the Snow Peas that are likewise, exceptionally well-priced!

Did you know that not only are Snow Peas very high in dietary fibre, protein and Vitamin C, every part of this sweet tasting legume is edible?

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