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October is the peak month for Blueberries – extra sweet and superbly delicious!


Sundowner Apples are very well priced this week – quite acidic when first picked, Sundowners will sweeten towards the end of the season. Good for eating or baking

Avocados – price and quality is good as are Bananas

Passionfruit an all-essential fruit topping for Pavlovas, are excellent for quality and value

This week at Fred’s One Stop we have Shallots on special – milder than onions, Shallots are very often used in French and Asian-style cooking. Also extensively used in soups and sauces

Time is fast approaching for Summer Salads and customers, you won’t be disappointed with Lebanese Cucumbers that are not only well priced, but of sound quality

Just don’t go past the Asparagus this week – although quite a delicate vegetable, with crisp stems and fragile tips Asparagus tastes great whether steamed, boiled or barbequed.

Beans and Broccoli are good value

Rhubarb, a tempting dessert when combined with apple or pear is well priced and of sound quality

From the deli we have Landana Matured Gouda Cheese, a delicious Dutch cheese of distinction, loved for its unique, creamy flavor and excellent quality.

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