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Market Update 14th August 2019

Plump, juicy Strawberries from Queensland and Western Australian are in full swing. Snack on washed strawberries for a low kilojoule snack or alternatively, make a few jars of some delicious home-made jam

Creamy Queensland Bananas make an energy-boosting fruit that is a healthy choice for the whole family. Extra-large and well-priced

Juicy, thin-skinned Leng Navel Oranges are well-priced.

Supplies of large, antioxidant enriched Blueberries from Coffs Harbour and Caboolture make for some delicious eating

Hass avocados are extremely versatile and combine deliciously with bacon, lettuce, tomato, tuna, mayonnaise, citrus, alfalfa or pepper. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, Avocados are well-priced

Looking for a low kilojoules snack, then you can't go past Aussie Apples such as Pink Lady, Fuji and Royal Gala eating nicely and providing good value

Celery is a bargain this week!

Pop a Cauliflower in your trolley this week. They are firm and compact. Caulies taste great when roasted

Zucchini is quite a mild-tasting and versatile vegetable that is well priced

Sweet, flavoursome Red Capsicums are good value at Fred’s One stop shopping. Add Capsicum to Pizza toppings, salads and stir-fries or for something different, stuff them with meat and vegetable filling then bake until tender

Carrots rank highly when it comes to their versatility, flavour and value. Enjoy them raw or cooked

Crisp nutritious Kohlrabi is a winter bulb vegetable (its German name can be translated as cabbage turnip). High in dietary fibre and vitamin C, this tasty veggie can be used in a similar way to cabbages and turnips

Top-quality Globe Artichokes are now in season. Boil trimmed Artichokes until tender then slice and combine with diced tomatoes, baby bocconcini, parsley, pepper and olive oil. Serve with crusty bread

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